How to wear hair extensions

Hair extensions are something I in no way notion I might need, ever. That is until I decided to go from lengthy dark brown hair to platinum blonde. After colouring my hair, it felt completely dead and the best issue I ought to do to resolve the difficulty was to cut it off. “Your hair will develop lower back and you can always get extensions” my hairdresser informed me. After 10 mins of convincing, I agreed to let her reduce my hair past my shoulders.

I am completely in love with this new style but, with some weddings coming up, I am lacking my lengthy hair. I even have by no means needed to put on hair extensions before and had no idea what I had to be looking for. After tremendous studies and three hairdressers later, I finally found the precise hair extensions for me and ultimately figured out the way to wear them. There some things I wish I knew first!

Types of hair extensions:
The first choice I become dealing with was what form of hair extensions I need to put on. There are some of extension sorts which consist of, clip-ins, beaded, tape and fixed. Not definitely understanding the difference I became compelled to investigate the first-class kinds for my hair.
Clip-in – These are awesome because you have the choice to do them at domestic and might take them out after your night out. You might also want to watch some YouTube tutorials to get them in and the way to get them to take a seat nicely.
Taped – Tape in extensions final round 6 weeks if cared for correctly. They are quite correct if you regret your hair cut choice. You can try to do it at domestic however I would recommend getting a hairdresser to do it for you.
Glued – Gluing can be a touch messy but is exceptionally fast and lasts around 6-eight weeks. It will want to be achieved by means of a expert and might turn out to be a touch steeply-priced.
Beaded – This is another wonderful way to the hair extension disaster. This receives connected near the roots and grows with your hair. The beads get clipped in by means of a professional and sealed in location.
Weaved – Getting your hair weaved is a pleasing solution to getting your hair extensions positioned it. Your hairdresser will weave it in like a braid on your hair. It can harm a little consistent with on-line articles but lasts a long time. You will want to have it redone once the weave grows to a ways down together with your hair. Having it performed relies upon on how speedy your hair grows.